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5 dog safety products we use for life on the road with our furry friend

When you live on the road with your pup or like to do a lot of road trips and camping with your furry friend, it is important to consider their safety, just as you would your own. With that in mind, below we share five products that we invested in to make sure that Archie stays safe on our travels.

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Dog sunglasses

We do a lot of driving…a lot, and little Archie just loves to have his head out the window enjoying the fresh air on his face. But with that comes a few risks – dry eyes, bugs flying into his eyes along highways or rocks and stones being kicked up. So, we got these cool sunglasses for him for when we are driving fast to protect his eyes. It also helps on windy days at the beach to stop sand from getting in.

Harness and belt

We are big on safety whilst driving when it comes to Archie. So, we invested in a proper vehicle harness and belt system so that Archie is anchored correctly should something happen. After all, you wouldn’t drive around without a seatbelt, so why would you let your dog?

Below are the products we went with, but there are plenty of options available – just do your research to make sure they are made to withstand the right amount of force and protect your pup correctly.


Unfortunately, within Australia, a lot of remote locations still have 1080 baiting which are super dangerous to dogs. Even a tiny lick can be fatal. For this reason, it is very important that you are aware of the areas where 1080 baits are used and how to add additional levels of protection for your dog in these areas. One way to decrease the risk of your furry friend getting poisoned accidentally is to use a muzzle. But make sure to do your research as not all muzzles are made equal – some still allow drinking/eating which won’t restrict them from picking up and ingesting baits, so we stress to do your own research and speak to experts on the best one for your dog.

Another use for muzzles is for public transport. On some buses and ferries around Australia, you may only be allowed to bring your dog with you if they are on a lead and with a muzzle. For this we bought this one from amazon:

Dog first aid

During a long road trip or for van-lifers living on the road, you would have certainly invested in a first aid kit for yourselves, however if you are travelling with a dog, you may have overlooked a first aid kit specific for your pup. For us, it was a no brainer – you can get some great kits online on amazon like the ones below that we purchased including a pack specific for tick removal.

Tick removal kit:

Dog floating vest

For those that love to do water sports and bring their dogs with them, we recommend investing in a floating vest for your best friend. You never know what might go wrong when you are kayaking or SUPing, so having help to keep your dog above water is a great idea, especially if your dog isn’t a strong swimmer. There are heaps of styles available.

Pet carrier backpack

If you are like us and enjoy long bushwalks or hikes, but also like to bring your doggo along for the exploration, then packing one of these pet carriers is a great idea. We take it on long hikes when we aren’t sure if Archie has the stamina, or the will, to complete the entire track himself. If he gets tired, or overheated or for whatever reason will not walk, we can simply pop him into this little backpack carrier where he is comfortable, and we can carry him hands free.

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