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GAS BOX INSTALLATION | Step by step | Toyota Coaster Conversion

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

In this episode we show you step by step how we installed our gas box into our Toyota Coaster. From choosing the location, to cutting holes, all the way to securing in place and sealing. We also take you through attaching the hinge, door, and lock for the box itself.

We got our gas box from DIY RV Solutions and it’s a 2 x 4kg gas bottle box custom made for Toyota Coasters. You can find it here: (this is not a sponsored promotion).

Any questions or for more detail on the process, drop us a comment below or send us a message on IG @CzechAusOut.

Follow along as we document the process of converting our 2001 Toyota Coaster into a tiny home!

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Any questions about the process, feel free to send us a message on IG: @Czechausout

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