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REMOVING WINDOWS | Swapping for aluminium panel | Toyota Coaster Conversion

In our second video we replace the glass in some of the windows in our 2001 Toyota Coaster Bus with aluminium panel. We did this for a number of reasons:

1. Reducing the amount of glass helps with insulation and temperature control within the bus

2. The glass weighs a lot more than the aluminium, so reducing the amount of glass means reducing our overall weight

3. It will look better from the outside as these windows will be covered with cabinetry

In total we swapped out two full windows on the drivers side and half of the front passenger window. We used 3mm thick aluminium composite material from a local supplier who cut it to size for us. We chose black gloss, but you can also get brushed aluminium, white and other colours. Any questions or for more detail on the process, drop us a comment below or send us a message on IG @CzechAusOut. Follow along as we document the process of converting our 2001 Toyota Coaster into a tiny home! Follow us on Instagram for real time content Instagram: Any questions about the process, feel free to send us a message on IG: @Czechausout

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