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Vanlife with a dog - 3 must have products to keep mess to a minimum in our tiny home on wheels

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

If you are travelling or have ever done a road trip with your furry friend, you will know that keeping mess to a minimum can be quite difficult, especially when they are going in and out from the van/bus frequently. Below are some products we swear by to help reduce spills, mud and poop bag smells whilst traveling with your best friend.

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This clever bowl design means that Archie can always have water nearby without the worry of it spilling all over the floor when we drive. This is a must have for van-lifers with pets, or even for the home. It also won’t spill when knocked by our enthusiastic pups or kicked by us humans.

We are often parked up or exploring in remote locations where there simply aren’t any bins. As responsible owners, we always pick up after our dog, be it in nature, at the beach or on the street. When you can’t find a bin right away, the last thing you want in your vehicle is a smelly poop bag. We put this magnetic holder on the back of our bus, and it holds any poop bags we have until we find a suitable bin. Genius!

Rainy days and muddy tracks mean dirty paws, and dirty paws mean a dirty floor, or worse, dirty bed sheets and seat covers. Not with this handy little paw cleaner! Simply fill with a bit of water and dip each paw in and out of the cleaner for spotless paws.

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