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WATER TANK INSTALLATION | Toyota Coaster Conversion

In this episode we show you a fairly simple and effective way to mount our Toyota Coaster water tanks underneath the bus to the chassis using:

- Aluminium Angle

- Threaded Rod

- Nuts and Bolts

- Plywood

- Sheet Metal

In total we installed 3 x 60L fresh water tanks and 1 x 60L grey water tank. We got our coaster specific tanks from RV Tanks Australia here - - and all other materials from our local Bunnings.

Any questions or for more detail on the process, drop us a comment below or send us a message on IG @CzechAusOut.

Follow along as we document the process of converting our 2001 Toyota Coaster into a tiny home!

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Any questions about the process, feel free to send us a message on IG: @Czechausout

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