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What air conditioner did we choose for our motorhome build?

Very early on in our bus build planning we decided that we wanted to have the luxury of an air conditioner. The main reason was for Archie, our fur baby, to ensure that he would remain cool during the summer months as they have a harder time regulating their body temperatures than we do.

Now, since living in the bus for over six months, we too are happy we decided to invest in the air conditioner for our own comfort after experiencing some late 30’s early 40-degree days and being able to plug in and stay cool.

There are plenty of different types and styles of rooftop air conditioners available for motorhomes (here are some available on Caravan RV Camping), and whilst we did look into a few, we can’t provide a full dissection of the market.

We decided to go for the Dometic Harrier Lite for a few reasons:

  1. It’s size – it has a smaller rooftop profile, weighs less than most and only required a small hole, 360x360mm and has a small internal profile as well.

  2. Economy – being more economical means we can run it for longer

  3. It’s quiet – because it is economical, it is also quiet and vibrates less.

  4. Modes – it comes with all the modes you could ever need; sleep, auto, turbo, humidity etc. Plus it has lights as well.

So far, we have been happy with its performance and would recommend it for small to medium motorhomes. You will need a licensed electrician to help with the install as it is a 240v unit and you need to make sure you have the right inverter and battery bank setup for use.

Indy our Toyota Coaster motorhome with Dometic Harrier Lite air conditioner

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